Sunday, November 15, 2009

When rain falls, should you dance or should you run...

Bila ujan turun....
Perlukan aku menari
Atau aku berlari

Bila ujan turun
Siapakah yang gembira
Siapakah yg berduka
Dan siapakah yang masih alpa

Bila ujan turun
Rungutan atau pujian
Bebelan atau penyesalan
Panantian atau harapan

Bila ujan berhenti
Aku mencari pelangi
Masih tercari2
Namun tidak kutemui..

Bila kita sudah tiada... Hujan...

Semua yg idup pasti mati, tapi adakah kita sudah bersedia? Bersama2lah kita ingat memperingati sesama kita agar menjadi hambaNYA yg senantiasa bersyukur..

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

GO or GO NOT....

Working in TM can be said as quite fussy. Dealing wif all the people who only know how to finger point and blaming others. Quite a few offer came to change and rotate plus promotion, yet not qualify.. In fact, for sure my boss wont permit. Then, have to stay...

Most of my senior and junior asked and urged to look for better place... Well guys, easy to say...

After 7 years, I plan to get out of this company... At this moment, I have to be grateful to TM for sponsoring my study, thus, shudnt I repay TM? haha.... A lot, and I meant a lot of friends of mine already joined other company. Reason:

1. Lower pay
2. No OT + Allowances
3. Fussy Boss (only want to retain you for the sake of his/her KPI)
4. Fed-up with TM's system that too slow (due to large data) and always down
5. Got offer from Gov
6. Need to be transferred to home town to take care of families
7. Unforeseen circumstances
8. Hobby to change job to experience diff work culture + matured + multi-skills etc...

For what ever reason, please be sincere in ur work. No matter where you work, the stress will be the same if you know how to deal with it. No pain no gain..

Enjoy working!!!

To go or not to go will remain as a choice.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Prioritize your Priority

Sometimes, your priority is not properly arranged. It is a subjective matter on how importance one activity to you but less significant to others. The art of prioritize your activities lie within your control on how you perceive and how you think those activities will affect your daily life.

Believe it or not, most of us using our sense to prioritize. Yet, none of us able to come out with a perfect list. Here are some tips to be used:

1. Things that will affect your health + dignity + religion + emotion
2. Things that will affect your family + loving one
3. Things that will affect your career + financial + education
4. Things that will affect your friends + neighbour + surrounding + etc
5. Things that will affect your etc....

The category in each line will remain subjective.

Let's prioritize!!!!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Making Choices!!

Do you know that choosing is not a talent but rather a skills?

Choosy is not choosing but rather a habit.. whether it is good or bad depend on different perception...

Choosy in work and partner could be damaging if not properly made...